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Brightening up your day and ours


It’s a sad fact but many people – often our seniors – can go for weeks or even months without coming into contact with another person.  Sometimes you just need a bit of company – someone you can chat to over a coffee, have a laugh with over a game of cards or a welcoming face to share your interests.

At SOS Support Services, one of our friendly team of care workers can call in for a regular visit or accompany you when you want to get out and about so you stay socially active and mentally engaged.

When we’re with you we’re 100% focused on you and we’ll help you with whatever you need – so if the TV remote has got a little confusing or the light keeps flashing on your phone, your care worker will do all they can to help you master it.

There’s no need to be lonely – give SOS a call to brighten up your day today.