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Hospital to Home Care

Supporting you through your recovery


Being in hospital is no fun but being in hospital for anything more than a few days without support can be downright uncomfortable.  Clothes need to be washed, bills need to be paid, people need to be contacted and sometimes you just run out of personal items that need to be replaced.

At SOS, hospital support is just a phone call away and one of our friendly team can help you with whatever you need – so you can concentrate on getting better while we take care of the things you can’t do yourself.

You’ll get your freshly washed clothing back within 24 hours and we’ll happily run any errands that need to be done.  We know hospital stays can be long and lonely so if you need books or magazines to fill in the empty times we’ll pop down to the newsagent or bookstore and stock you up.

If you need transport getting to and from hospital, we’ll get you there and back again when you want us to, and if you’d like to stop off on the way home we’re happy to help.  Whether it’s a bottle of milk from the supermarket, a mobility walker from a therapy centre or anything in between just let us know and we’ll make sure we pick them up on your way home.

SOS Support Services – we help to make your time in hospital a little more enjoyable.