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Social Activities

Keeping you connected with the things you like to do


Everyone benefits from regular socialising but for many people, their physical abilities make it difficult for them to get out and participate in the things they like to do.

We help our clients enjoy a wide range of social activities and physical capacity is no barrier to us.  If you’re wheelchair-bound, unable to walk unassisted or simply need a hand on public transport, we see no reason why you shouldn’t continue to enjoy a healthy and active social life.

Whatever social activity you like, we can pick you up and accompany you, making sure you arrive and return safely and that you have an enjoyable time while you’re out.  We can assist you with:

  • Shopping trips
  • Meeting friends at a café for some coffee and a chat
  • A visit to the movies or theatre
  • A trip to the library to pick up some books
  • An outing to watch the action at a sporting event
  • Visiting friends or family in hospital
  • Taking part in events at the local community centre
  • Any social activity that’s on your to do list